Past the Profile


So you want to learn more about me eh? 

To put things simple, I’m a connector and I can help provide guidance to make your life easier. My name is Germain and I’m expected to graduate from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Business Economics and a minor in Political Science. Though my education is great, my true learning, expertise, and passion came in an untraditional way of projects. 

In school, I was always involved in different things: UCI Powerlifting, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and Alpha Kappa Psi to name a few. During Spring of 2018, I spent a semester abroad at Queen Mary University of London where it became a game changer. I became more involved in networking and meeting individuals from all walks of life and that eventually led me to the beginning of my journey engaging with LinkedIn.

With that being said, I co-founded LinkedIn Local Orange County and became a LinkedIn Campus Editor, Canva Certified Creative while interning with companies like Cloudtrek, RippleMatch, and Cylance. Though this may seem exciting, I care most about empowering my local and community to strive towards success. I host and speak at events and workshops to educate and connect people. Of my years of hosting events, topics I’ve addressed include: professional development, personal branding, entrepreneurship, mental health, graphic design, organizational leadership, studying abroad, LinkedIn, and Canva. 

I’m interested in opportunities and collaborations in marketing, product marketing, partnerships, events, and community management in the technology, entrepreneurship, education, non-profit and Gen Z space.

If there’s some common ground, let’s connect. 

We can turn ideas into reality.

Me to We.