What’s the scoop?

Here’s a collection of books and audiobooks I’ve completed… Have some recommendations? Let me know!


If you’re a content creator, marketer, or even building a personal brand, this is a great resource to read. Learn the 7 key components in establishing a great narrative to sell your product or service.


“Even if you don’t need to know any technology for your career, you still use it every day – you probably have a very advanced piece of technology in your pocket (or your hand) right now.”

– Metha, Detroja, and Agashe


“Advances in wealth creation will not accrue evenly. Many people gain. Some people gain hugely. But many will also be displaced. Unlike the previous wave of digital led-globalization and innovation which drew enormous numbers of people out of poverty and low cost labor markets. The next wave will challenge middle classes across the globe, threatening to return many to poverty” – Alec Ross


If you find yourself as someone who is constantly stressed over almost anything and everything, take a breather and read this! Such an easy to follow book as Manson debunks several things we may care just way too much about.


Sales and interpersonal skills are such an important skillset to have or develop. As technology continues to progress, we must truly master our skills that cannot be taught to machines. Great content to listen to and I can see myself re-listening to pick up on something I didn’t catch before!


“If you’re black in South Africa, speaking English is the one thing that could give you a leg up. English is the language of money. English comprehension is equated to intelligence.”

-Trevor Noah


If you’re even a slight bit of a Political Junkie or just love a good thriller, this is one for you! Clinton and Patterson had me hooked from the beginning and I LOVED the build up and seeing each character develop throughout the plot. Very enjoyable and rather interesting timing of their book release.


“The war for tech enabled talent has reached a fever pitch. A horseman’s ability to attract and retain the best employees is the number one issue for all four firms. Their ability to manage their reputations, not only among young consumers, but also among their potential work force is critical to success.” – Scott Galloway